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Silvia and Max West Coast Swing Winchester

Silvia & Max

We are passionate about West Coast Swing!

After having danced Salsa for years, West Coast Swing offered the perfect complement to the hot Latin-American Dance!

What we love so much about WCS is that it is a partner dance that can be danced to almost any kind of music of a certain tempo. There is smooth Jazz, Soul, R&B, Country and Western, Blues, any kind of contemporary music and current charts. We recently added the genre of “Electro Swing” to our repertoire – and what fun we have!

West Coast Swing is incredibly smooth and cool and it allows us to improvise and give our very personal expression to the music, either together or individually.

We started in 2009 with extensive training in London with top West Coast Swing teacher, performer and competition judge Mike Rosa  and we continuously enjoy attending WCS workshops and finding new material to keep our classes fresh and fun!

We started to offer our first West Coast Swing Class here in Winchester in January 2010 and our classes were an instant hit with everyone!!!

In May 2012 the opportunity to train professionally as West Coast Swing dance teachers arose for the first time in the UK. We jumped at this wonderful opportunity and we qualified officially as WCS Dance Teachers on 24 June 2012 with the West Coast Swing Dance Teachers Association UK.

Together with our fellow WCS Dance Teachers here in the UK trained by and members of the WCS Dance Teachers Association, we are teaching you the Universal Language of West Coast Swing, so you are able to get on the dance floor anywhere in the world and feel confident to dance with anyone!

We are looking forward to seeing you at our weekly West Coast Swing Night on Thursdays in Winchester!

Silvia & Max

Members of the WCS Dance Teachers Association UK

West Coast Swing Dance Teachers Association UK