Dance Classes

 West Coast Swing Dance Classes at the River Park Leisure Centre

Welcome to our Spring Term 2015! 

Step up! Winchester! Presentation Thu 18Sep14

THURSDAYS 20.00 -22.30


Please make your way straight upstairs to the Function Room, no need to contact reception! Just walk up the stairs by reception and up again the next flight of stairs and you will find us in the Function Room through the doorway on your right!

We recently took part in Winchester’s own Dance Event: Step Up! Winchester! Would you like to see, what our Celebrity had to say about learning to dance West Coast Swing with us?


West Coast Swing Spring Term (16wks) Thu 15Jan – Thu 30Apr 2015: 

20.00 Beginners & Improvers Class

20.45 Social Dancing for everyone!

21.15 Intermediate & Advanced Class

22.00 Social Dancing till 22.30

You have the option of either signing up for our

16 week WCS Course: £110

or our Weekly Drop in: £9

If you are new to West Coast Swing, we recommend that you sign up for our Beginners & Improvers Course.This will give you the foundation needed to enable you to dance West Coast Swing anywhere socially and set you up for our Intermediate & Advance Level of WCS.
Our Intermediate & Advanced Course will really set you up flying on the West Coast Swing dance floor!

Concessions available!

You receive your Salsa y Sol Club Card, which gives you one free session for every 10 attended!


Spring Party Night 2012

In addition our WCS Freestyle our regular Dance Party Nights throughout the year provide you with a wonderful opportunity to dance the night away with plenty of West Coast Swing! More on our Party Website:

For more info and bookings please contact us. 

We are looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor!
Silvia & Max

Silvia and Max West Coast Swing Winchester

Private Tuition

We are very happy to offer Private Tuition! Due to the fact that West Coast Swing can be danced to almost any kind of music, this dance is particularly popular as a Wedding Dance and couples choose to take Private WCS Lessons with us in the run up to the Happy Occasion! So, whether it is for your Special Wedding Dance or for any other occasion, we are looking forward to getting you dancing! Please contact us for details.

Join us on Facebook for West Coast Swing, other dances and Yoga!

Join us on Facebook for West Coast Swing, other dances and Yoga!





West Coast Swing Syllabus

Beginners  & Improvers Level:

Basic Elements:

Walks, triple steps, hook triples, cross checks, kicks, taps, kick ball changes, volta crosses, pivot crossovers.

Sugar Push
Left Side Pass
Left Side Tuck
Sugar Tuck

Inside Roll
Left Side Rolling Side Pass (Chanaine Turn)
Under Arm Turn (Right Side Pass),
RS Rolling Side Pass(Chanaine)

Right Side Torque Turn (J-Lead)
Basic Whip
Basket Whip

Starter Step
Left Side Sling Shot (Throw out)
Closed Tuck

Intermediate & Advanced Level:

Tuck Turn variations:

Closed Tuck – from starter step or 6ct closed basic
Left hand led Tuck
Open Tuck
Tuck with free spin
Basic Tuck – 2 hand hold
Sugar Tuck
Rright hand led- Dallas Side Pass (Right Side Tuck)
Tuck with both hands overhead
Tuck to Hammerlock
Right to right (handshake hold) overhead Tuck
Right to right overhead Tuck with free spin
Cross hand hold (right over left)
Diamond hand hold
Cleaver Hand Hold – back to back (Step Under Dallas Side Pass)
Cleaver Tuck Turn

Whip variations:

Basket Whip/ Locked Whip
Basic Whip
Whip with inside turn
Whip with outside turn
Whip with free spin
Whip with 2 free spins
Same Side Whip
Apache Whip
Spin Apache
Man’s Spin Apache
Reverse Whip
Reverse Whip hand led
Left Side Whip
Left Side Whip Same Side out
Closed Whip
Closed to open to closed Whip
Hustle Whip
Whip with guys UAT and leader’s free spin
Continuous Whip – with extensions in the middle
Whip with double spin out
Stalkers Whip
Fake Whip (6 count)
6 Count Whip

6 Count Basic Variations

Cut Off – 6 count redirection

Sugar Push with Leader’s face loop or head loop (lt-rt,rt-rt)
Sugar Push with Follower’s face loop (lt-rt,rt-rt,lt-lt)
Compression turn
Sugar Push with Girl’s head loop
Under Arm Turn/Right Side Pass with Guy’s head loop and tuck out
Left Side Pass with inside turn (Rolling Side Pass)-lt-rt, rt-rt,rt-lt
Left Side Pass with inside turn with guy’s face loop and tuck out – (lt-rt,rt-rt)
Alternating Under Arm Turn/Right Side Pass (lt & rt)
Leader’s Hookstep

Introduction into Syncopations:

Point Steps
Kick Steps
Tap Steps
Kick Ball Changes


Distance between couple
Anchoring from centre
1 Beat Lead
No Beat Lead
Active versus Passive


Body Placement
Foot Placement
Body Shapes, Angles and Levels
Body Flight & Flow


Major Breaks
Repetitive Accents
Vocal Accent with delays, drags & slides
Minor Pops and Hits


We love attending WCS Workshops and Weekenders to keep our West Coast Swing dancing fresh and up to date! Recently we attended the WCS Xcetra 2 Weekender in Bournemouth with all the greatest international WCS teachers! One of our favourite teachers is Mario Robau, and here is a picture:

Mario Robau workshop